The All About Blueberries Community of Interest (CoI) is broadly defined as producers (commercial and backyard), distributors, and consumers of blueberries (youth and adult).  In addition to our Community of Practice (CoP) eXtension webpage, http://www.extension.org/blueberries, we also have Facebook page and Twitter account. These social networking tools allow us to engage our CoI in a discussion about blueberry production and consumption. This blog and our Facebook site allows us to create an interactive relationship between the CoP Experts and the CoI and also between different members of our CoI.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Laura McDermott Says:

    I work for Cornell Cooperative Extension and have commercial berry production responsibilities. I’m interested about the background of the organizers. ARe you folks home gardeners, commercial producers, researchers? Very nice information thus far. I would like to promote the site to our growers, but would like just a bit more background on this resource. Thanks!

  2. allaboutblueberries Says:

    Thank you for your interest, Laura. The All About Blueberries project is a collaboration of agents/researchers from the LSU AgCenter, Mississippi State University, Auburn University, North Carolina State University and the USDA. I’ve found Cornell University has a lot of blueberry information available and I would be very interested in collaborating with you as well. Please contact me at dattaway@agcenter.lsu.edu and I can give you more specifics. Thanks!

  3. 2010 in review « AllAboutBlueberries Says:

    […] About […]

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