Braconids in Blueberry- parasites of pests

Braconids come from the Braconidae family, which is a family of wasps that parasitize, among other things, pests of blueberry bushes. Braconids and ichneumonids are small black, orange, or yellow wasps that prey on immature insects such as cranberry fruitworm larvae. Adults are less than 10 mm long, and many species are found in blueberry fields.

Most parasitic wasps are tiny, and they often develop inside their hosts, so detecting them can be difficult. Some recognizable signs of parasitism include unusual host (pest) behavior, host body darkening, and the presence of emergence holes or cocoons on the pest.

Trichogramma wasps are egg parasites of many insects, including cranberry fruitworm and leafrollers. Parasitized eggs are dark black rather than the yellow-cream of healthy eggs.

Visit for a photograph of a braconid wasp.


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