Economics of Organic Blueberry Establishment

Blueberries are among the most commonly grown small fruits in the United States (Kuepper and Diver 2004). As increasing numbers of producers and acreage of farmland make the transition into blueberry
cultivation, blueberries are becoming more economically important each year, prompting a need for intensified research on production methods.

Organic blueberry production is an emerging economic market where price premiums can exceed prices for conventional blueberries by 100 percent. Organic farming follows an ecological soil-management program and does not employ synthetic chemicals during the production process (Krewer and Walker 2006). Land has to have had no prohibited substances applied at least three years prior to harvest of organic produce. Organic food must be processed, stored, and shipped separately from conventional produce in containers void of any synthetic chemical treatments (Dimitri and Greene 2002).

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