Looking to buy Blueberry bushes? Questions to Ask at a Nursery

Blueberry growers who plan to buy plants from nurseries should arrive with a list of questions to ask. Here are some questions to help you get started:
What are the best blueberry cultivars for my area?
When should I plant blueberries?
Are your blueberries certified virus frees?
What is the best way to plant blueberries?
How many blueberry plants do I need? (relates to pollination requirements and quantity produced)
Do blueberries require direct sunlight?
How far apart do I need to plant blueberries?
What size blueberry plants should I buy?
How old are your blueberry plants?
Do you have a replacement policy if my blueberry dies?
Do I need to do anything special to the soil for blueberries?
What insects or diseases affect blueberries?
How do I control insects and diseases in blueberries?
Can blueberries be grown organically?
When should I fertilize blueberries?
How much fertilizer do blueberries need?
What is the best blueberry fertilizer?
Do blueberries need pruning?
How do you prune blueberries?
When do you prune blueberries?
What is a good mulch for blueberries?
Should I irrigate my blueberries?
How often should I irrigate blueberries?
How much water should I apply to blueberries?
What is the best tasting blueberry?
How many years before a blueberry plant bears fruit?
When do blueberry fruit get ripe?
How long will a blueberry plant live?
Where do you get your plants from?

From eXtension.org: http://bit.ly/KMC0Xz


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