Fertilizer may be applied in liquid form through the irrigation system rather than surface applying dry granular material. This process is known as “fertigation.”

There are some advantages to fertigation, including:
Fertilizer is more efficiently used.
Fertilizer may be applied weekly in small amounts so that it is more available when the plant needs it.
Application cost is considerably less.
Nutrients more quickly reach the root zone in a soluble form.
Nutrient application is more precise.

There are also some disadvantages, including:
Irregular growth and possible damage to plants if the irrigation system is not working properly.
Specialized equipment must be added to the irrigation system.
Soluble fertilizer is relatively more expensive than granular fertilizer.

It is important the irrigation system functions properly and all plants receive the same amount of water. If water distribution is erratic, some plants may be under fertilized while other plants may receive more fertilizer than is needed. On sloping ground, the use of pressure compensating emitters is necessary to insure that plants in the low areas do not receive more water than those on the higher ground.

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