Developing Content for Commercial Blueberry Producers (Audio)

The goal of the recently developed eXtension “All about Blueberries” Community of Practice (CoP) website is to encourage blueberry production and consumption in the United States. The website engages a wide range of audiences, called the Community of Interest (CoI), including growers (commercial and backyard), blueberry consumers and 4-H/Youth who want to learn about blueberries. A team of researchers and extension specialists are collaborating to develop content for our multi-faceted constituents in order to empower our CoI to make educated decisions that benefit their well-being and improve their quality of life. Project content areas include: “Blueberry Production”, “Consumers”, and “4-H/Youth”. Horticulture experts from multiple states are focusing their effort on developing credible, research-based, up-to-date information and sophisticated online tools and solutions for the “Blueberry Production” section of the website, which commercial blueberry producers can implement in their daily operations.

Click here for more information on Developing Content for Commercial Blueberry Producers (Audio).


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