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Flood from Irene could hurt NJ’s blueberry crop next year by killing roots now

August 31, 2011

Flooding across New Jersey could hit hard one of the state’s big cash crops: blueberries. Rutgers Agriculture Experiment Station Atlantic County agent Gary Pavlis says the root systems start to die in bushes that are in standing water for 27 hours.

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California Blueberry Experience

August 25, 2011

Thinking about growing blueberries? 14 yrs of California #blueberry experience, in one article (see p.6):

Decoded Secret Betrays Berry Weevil

August 23, 2011

Pinhole-sized access holes in swelling buds indicate cranberry weevils have laid eggs

Scouting for weevils is labor-intensive. Growers use beating sheets on blueberries or sweep nets among cranberries. Lures and traps would save precious time, and time is money. But until Rodriguez-Saona took to the field, no cranberry weevil pheromone had been identified, let alone tested to use in a lure.

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Grant connects blueberry industry through technology

August 18, 2011

With blueberry production increasing at a rapid rate in southeastern states, the LSU AgCenter and other land grant universities are providing much-needed information for producers and consumers through All About Blueberries, a webpage on the website,

Putting information in a central location has proven to be helpful for the blueberry industry, not only in this region but around the world, thanks to a three-year United States Department of Agriculture grant, according to LSU AgCenter entomologist Natalie Hummel, who is coordinator of the grant.

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Bees, Blueberries and Pollination

August 18, 2011

Bob Danka for the USDA/ARS explains the importance of bees for blueberry pollination in this video.